Community Involvement

Cottage Country Dreams

We have discussed where we want to donate money and even though we have done walks for the cure, yard sales and donations to the cancer society, we wanted to do something that would really help  a family to create positive memories.

We decided to donate our cottage to Cottage Dreams an organization from Haliburton.

Our first guest was so appreciative for this opportunity that they painted a picture of our cottage and lake and we have it hanging in our home.  The second guest was overwhelmed by the experience and told us that she was finally able to relax and have a reprieve after her treatments.

We are certain someone you know and love has been affected by cancer and if you are wondering how you can help someone please contact





At the Cottage Life Show we were approached by someone from the S.T.A.R.T. Turtle Project and instantly we knew this was something we wanted to be part of. When we were kids there were so many turtles everywhere that we would swim with, and catch and release. You could always find them sunning on the rocks of the shoreline. Now you can’t find that many of them out there and you rarely see them.

So please go donate to S.T.A.R.T. or just contact them when you find a turtle out there.

Contact: 705-955-4284



For those renting a cottage. If you need to have a place for your family pet to go and stay while at the cottage, and it is close by, we suggest…..


Contact them for details, or visit their page