Cottage Time Guest Books

One of the many ideas we give our cottage owners that they rarely think of, but end up loving is having a guest book. Over the years our renters have loved sharing their short stories in the guest books. Equally, our owners have loved reading the stories.

Almost all of our cottages have a history either new or old and there is so much to do in Muskoka that new guests read the past stories and get ideas of things to do and experience with their families from a day hiking at  Algonquin Park to spending a day or two at Santa’s Village.

The guest book can hold so much information from suggestions to the owner to just a simple thank you from the guests.

There are so many ideas out there for making a guest book, my favourite is always checking out the ideas on Pinterest. So dive right in and get your book ready. If you have a guest book you would like to share, email it to us and we can share the pictures or even a story from it if you want.