Getting your cottage ready Checklist

It may not look like it when we look out our windows today, but it is spring. Summer is coming and we are going to have an amazing summer in Muskoka.

Half the challenge is getting ready to go TO your cottage. Shopping, packing, driving through the traffic. But once you get to your cottage, your work has just begun. Start with this quick check list so you can have a relaxing summer.

1- Do a walk-around visual inspection of your cottage once you arrive

2- Clean out your eavestroughs of winter debris and check for any damage

3- Before turning your furnace on, check for animal/ rodent damage or nests

4- Change the batteries for your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

5- It is important to check your power lines and report any damage to your local utility provider

6- Check your ceiling for potential water damage

7- Clean debris off your property and inspect the treeline for potential safety hazards.

8- Check your window and door screen for holes and replace if necessary

9- Clear out objects that are only used during certain seasons, remember it is important to keep your property junk free to avoid any unwanted visitors such as rodents