What to do if there is no internet?

Quality Family Time

I know it sounds silly but get of the mobile and actually spend some decent time with the family. Do you find you’re only half listening to something the other half says now and again? I am guilty of this.

If you’re planning to ditch the tech then make the most of time together.

Bird Watching

At West Withy Farm we got to do a bit of bird watching. This is a luxury for us because we don’t often get many birds visit the garden. With four cats at home, it can be tricky.

Star Gazing

I don’t know about you but when I was a kid, I’d spend hours sat in the garden at night with my dad, looking at the night sky. He’d always say how the universe was never ending and I’d reply with, but just build a wall!

Rather than faff on your phone or iPad, take the opportunity to check out the stars on a clear evening. Even if you don’t have a telescope, just sitting back, looking up and marveling at how amazing it all looks is surely better than Faceache!


No internet and a rainy holiday? No worries – games it is! West Withy Farm supplies a lot of board and card games, but it’s worth packing a few the kids love too. Games, puzzles, colouring and cards are all fun activities that don’t need WiFi!

Nature Scavenger Hunts

You literally need nothing posh to do your very own nature scavenger hunt. Write or draw (getting technical I know!) a few things which the kids will have fun finding. And away they go!


If you’re fortunate enough to have a quiet weekend without WiFi and the kids then lucky you! I could easily go without the internet as long as I have a good book to read.


Hmm so I added talking in but to be honest, silence is much more appealing. The thought of sitting, in peace and quiet, listening to the sound of nature, sounds just wonderful!